GraceAloneColorado 2017 “This We Believe: The Five Solas”

All recordings were taken October 13th and 14th.

Audio Recordings

Session 1: “The Five Solas and the Reformation of Protestant Worship”, Pastor Paul Medved

Session 2: “Sola Scriptura, The Solid and Sufficient Scriptures”, Pastor Tedd Mathis 

Session 3: “Sola Gratia, Why We are Saved By Grace Alone”, Pastor Jeff Johnson

Session 4: “Sola Fide, The Hinge That Turns The Other Four Solas”, Pastor Jeff Johnson

Session 5: “Solus Christus, God’s Only Way to Save Sinners”, Pastor Cody Almanzar 

Session 6: “Sola Deo Gloria, To God Be The Glory Forever!”, Pastor John Snyder

Video Playlist